Dr. Primož Kotnik

Asst Prof Primoz Kotnik, MD has graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Medical Faculty in 1999. He completed his PhD thesis in 2005 on the topic of antidiuretic signalling of aquaporin 2. Part of the PhD was completed at the esteemed Water and Research Centre in Aarhus, Denmark under the mentorship of Prof Soren Nielsen. He has completed a postdoctoral programme with Prof Martin Wabitsch at the University Children’s Hospital of Ulm, Germany focusing on adipose tissue as an endocrine organ. Since 2000 he is employed at the Department of Paediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the University Children’s Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia and since 2015 also at the Medical faculty of Ljubljana as a lecturer.

His clinical and research focuses are growth, endocrine function of the adipose tissue, and childhood obesity. As a scientific adviser he is also currently involved in re-organization of primary prevention health programmes lead by National Institute of Health, focus of which is to integrate multidisciplinary approach for early recognition and interventions in children at an increased health-risk due to their lifestyle.

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Invited speakers

Main topics

  • Early feeding and growth
  • First 1000 days
  • Biological models in growth
  • Growth disorders
  • Birth cohorts
  • Croatian Islands' Birth Cohort Study (CRIBS)
  • Obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Nutrition and body composition
  • Epigenetics of growth and development
  • Environmental effects on growth
  • Recent advances in data analysis
  • Clinical considerations in fetal growth and neonatology
  • Kinesiology, maturity and athletic performance
  • Complex and genetic disorders
  • The exposome and allergic diseases
  • Growth and development in educational context (in collaboration with Education and Teacher Training Agency - in Croatian)




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Please be patient as we rework the website with new dates and information regarding the XVth International Congress of Auxology which will be held in Zagreb and online. 

The pandemic of Covid-19 has forced us to postpone the XVth International Congress of Auxology until 2021.

We are now planning to hold the Congress in Zagreb from the 3rd to 6th June 2021.

Zagreb is an international city with a variety of excellent accommodation and places of historic and cultural interest.

The website will be revamped soon to reflect the change of dates and venue and we look forward to hosting you in Zagreb in 2021! As the planning for the 2021 congress proceeds, we will be updating the website to keep you informed so please check the website and do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.